Why Why See was started in 2021 by graphic designer and printmaker, Jamie Zebedee.

The time and space found and lost during the pandemic brought many things into focus; things like purpose, intent, the need to move beyond "languishing," and the ultimate importance of filling days with people and pursuits that truly build happiness and meaning in one's life.

And so came Why Why See - born out of love for beautifully printed pieces with bright colours, rad patterns, cheeky copywriting and a healthy dose of nostalgia, this is where printed goods are created for a well-designed life.

About Jamie
Jamie's creative work and obsession with printing began at a young age (potato stamp printing, age 5, to be exact) and hasn't stopped since. That obsession took on new meaning in the summer of 2022 when she became the owner of a behemoth 1964 Heidelberg Windmill platen press. Her "baby" weighs 2,800 pounds and is a restoration project for the ages (because it will likely take ages) but in the meantime, she's very happy pootling about her online shop making and printing things.

Jamie can also be found at her day job, creating graphic design loveliness at jamiezebedee.com for clients in Canada, the UK and Bermuda (her island home for the past 12 years).